Look! The youngest & newest professionals of the communication

Many times, we think that the degree on the communication sector, doesn’t have any future. Really? Come off!…I wouldn’t say that….But the cruel reality is that many people whose formation is on public relations, journalism, or advertising, are jobless professionals. Why? Mainly because of the economic crisis, but other reasons can be: there are many faculties of communication in Spain. Every year, a lot of graduates leave the faculties of audiovisual communication, journalism and public relations & advertising.


Some advices

Some advices for the new graduates: dominate three or four languages, Spanish and Catalan (of course), English, and other languages like French, Chinese or Russian. 

Second advice: after a period of work practice, if the company doesn’t hire you, be an entrepreneur, create your own company and have a commercial vision to get, little by little, customers, and more customers…Why not? On one hand, you will develop your professional character and you will learn from your mistakes and many other things that will be useful for your professional future. And on the other hand, it’s always curriculum.

Third advice: have no fear! You can be what you want. In the communication area, there are many possibilities: social media, account executive, TV presenter, copywriter, etc. You must study the area of the communication market where there are more possibilities to work in and customers.

Last advice: the networking is key for your potential costumers, in Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The assistance to events in your country. Events like presentations, conferences, cocktails, private parties of chiefs of big companies, because there you can make valuable contacts  to get new customers and projects.



2 comentarios sobre “Look! The youngest & newest professionals of the communication

  1. Interesting article giving some advices for begin to use social networks. Personally I think that the third is the most important because you shouldn’t be afraid to fail and try again. The communication market is very wide and is full of possibilities and despite the fact that it is difficult to enter is not impossible, so the perseverance and the willingness to work are also a key element.


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